Festival ”Barski ljetopis” is a comprehensive cultural event of the cultural center Bar, which promotes culture and valuable artistic content specific to the Bar, and Montenegro, and brings together eminent creators from Montenegro, the region and the world. It is realized through the program segments in the field of theatre, music, literature and visual arts, as well as the multimedian creativity.

The festival for three decades, survives as a key cultural and artistic event of the Bar’s summer. Cultivating through centuries the tradition of Bar and the spirit of togetherness, and listening to the needs of the modern age, ”Barski ljetopis” became a long time ago the confirmed witness of the development of the Montenegrin culture. How consistent and loyal to its infancy profiled essence and nature, Ljetopis in thrives to emerge from their past framework, responds to the needs of the new creative momentum and preserve the function of the recognizable artistic perspective of the Montenegrin tourist, cultural and entertainment scene. That’s why is always having the trust and commitment of an audience primarily of Bar, and then as the whole of Montenegro. Not forgetting on the potentials and characteristics of the space on which it is built, Ljetopis leaves immediately immeasurable contribution to the concept of educational tourism in our country, so that its visitors successfully locates among the guests from all over the world.

In 2017, ”Barski ljetopis” celebrates its Jubilee – 30 years of existence. You can find more information about the program on the link http://www.barskiljetopis.me/program/