Vivid and in many respects unique Skadar Lake is located in Zeta-Skadar valley, while maintaining contact through the Bojana River with the Adriatic Sea, from which it is separated in the distant past by a chain of high mountains. With a surface area of 370 up to 530 km2, depending on water levels, represents the largest lake zone on Balkans.

To Montenegro belongs 2/3 of the lake, while 1/3 is on the territory of the Republic of Albania. The Montenegrin part of the lake with the coastal area of 40,000 hectares, was declaired a national park in 1983. Skadar Lake is separated from the rest of the national parks as an area with a distinct characteristics, exceptional richness of birds, and certain species and lush vegetation of swamp type. Represents one of the most interesting biotopes of the area.

Events are part of the supply areas of the National Park of Skadar Lake. They are numerous and each year attract more participants.

The goal of manifestation, which is held in Bar at the beginning of September, is the promotion of agricultural products from the region of Bar and Skadar lake. With the appropriate fun – musical and cultural event program entitled “Meetings of farmers, growers and beekeepers,” held in the county of Virpazar, which is a few kilometers away from Bar.