Agency for the development and protection of Orjen and mountaineering clubs “Subra” from Herceg Novi, respectively, “the Squirrel” from Kotor, organise on 24th and 25th of June (Saturday and Sunday), the manifestation ”Man and the stone”, on the Herceg Novi-Kotor border. It will take place at the mountain hut on the Orjensko sedlo (1600 m above sea level), road crossing Vrbanj-Church, the central point of Orjen and the site of the merger of the municipality of Kotor and Herceg Novi.

The aim of the event ”Man and the stone” is to point out the inherited tangible achievements of the work in stone, but also the traditional skills of construction in stone, as an imperishable, and at the same time, all the endangered values. Also, the organizers want to remind the public of the primeval symbiosis of man and the stone of our coastal-Dinaric area through four events:


24th of June, 10h

Rise from the Orjen saddle on the highest peak of the coastal Dinaric Alps (a big bucket, 1894 m).
The rise will be derived by the oldest dedicated conducted mountain path in Montenegro, in the the second half of the 19th century, for easier exit of heir Rudolf, Prince of Habsburg. Of course, during the upswing the guides will present historical and natural sights and attractions on this course. Organised ascent marked mountain path to the Big cable takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, adequate for hikers, but also for all the other fans of outdoor activities.


24th of June, 15h

Opening of the photo exhibition ”Man and stone”, from the collection of the Agency for the development and protection of the Orjen.
The exhibition will be through about 20 works on the A3 format to present the most significant achievements of the human working with stone, as well as the harsh beauty of the karst landscapes of Orjen.
25 of June, 10h – 13h

II Championship of Montenegro in the construction of borders, the central event of the event.
On the Orjen saddle, revamped for this opportunity in the right “battlefield”, strength and skills of the team from the territory of Montenegro will be measured (i.e. as an exhibition-from the region). Teams consist of three members (2 members + a team captain). They have at their disposal only 10 minutes to a pile of stone transform in as many yards of borders of adequate shock absorption, the width and height of 60 centimeters to one meter. With the speed and the length of the border, it evaluates the statics of the wall itself, as well as the aesthetic component. All teams receive letters of thanks for participation, best 3 diplomas, while top wins, instead of trophies, the interim stone, “Orjenska buza”, work of citizen of Herceg Novi, Dejan Veriga, the famous mountaineer and lover of Orjen, but also a renowned artist-amateur. In accordance with the event that promotes tradition, the best receive a gift package, genuine local gastronomic souvenir, gift from association “Hands” filled with indigenous autochthonous delicacies.


25th of June, 14h – 15h

Presentation and showcasing the passing educational Ćesar’s path, a trail that leads through the perfectly preserved, and never finished construction site of the Austro-Hungarian times from the beginning of the 20th century.
Even today, after more than a century, this move seems, if we ignore advanced vegetation, as just an abandoned construction site! Rotated at regular intervals, the stocks of different degree of finalisation, from rough traced, all the way up to those fully completed. There is a brick where the stone was pulled out – the only building material that has been used here. On the side of the road are lying, forgotten in time, big blocks ready for installation. To have today this well preserved example of the former system of building by powerful Austro-Hungarian armies – is a real treasure, and this presentation should be the first of the steps towards the protection and conversion into a Museum in the open air, which ultimately led to the inclusion of Ćesar’s path in contemporary tourist flows.

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