Artistic festival director Senad Gačević says decades of the existence of these events influenced the formation and strengthening of jazz courses in Montenegro, so that in the preceding decade showed a significant number of young jazz musicians, some of which are graduated or are students of the prestigious jazz academy in Graz (Austria), but also in America. Especially important is the introduction of the jazz genre in music schools program, so the organizers made a decision to encourage the youngest jazz musicians and performances to present their potential on the main festival’s stage. In this regard, performance holds the ensemble of the music school Vasa Pavić, school for elementary musical education from Bijelo Polje and others. Festival promoter is a famous Montenegrin drummer Dragoljub Đuričić. He believes that Bijelo Polje is recognized as the central point of art in the North of Montenegro and it can boast with manifestations that grow from year to year and are getting increasingly serious artistic character. It is not an unknown practice on international jazz festivals to see mixture of different musical directions. The concept of this festival is to invite significant pop-rock authors who will provide the audience, and in the space of time to place high-quality performance with jazz bands in this area. Such a concept provides a high-quality popularization of this event, primarily for the important jazz art.