This is a festival that encompasses several different events taking place in Gusinje area. They include:

– Days of diaspora – is an event that gathers people from this region who have emigrated to other countries. This event is organized on the 31st of August

– Village games in Vusanje – is held on the 1st of August. It features displays of local cultural heritage like folkloric dances, arts and crafts, traditional village games

– On the 2nd of August, which is a St. Ilija’s day, there is a big sabor (gathering) on the Ali pasha’s springs. This is a traditional event, and more than 20000 people can gather for a day of socializing, music and good food.

– There are several sport events within this festival. They include the basketball tournament between the local people and those living in the USA, cycling race and athletic marathon.

– One evening of this festival is dedicated to Alaturko room. It is a room within Gusinje Centre for Culture which is on this occasion opened for visitors. There, they can see traditional crafts like carpets, rugs, costumes and try local delicacies.