Lamb under sač

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Product Description

Lamb under sač (pronounced as such) is a dish typical for the North of Montenegro, where there is a long tradition of sheep rearing. The value of this dish comes from two things. First is the quality of the meat – lambs are reared on unspoiled upland pastures, where they are suckling as well as freerange grazing for several months. Second is the mode of preparation – this is a typical slow food dish, as it takes several hours to prepare, but the result is succulent meat that melts in one’s mouth.

The preparation is fairly simple. Fresh lamb is chopped into large chunks (together with bones), and placed in a shallow clay pot. Whole peeled potatoes are added, together with onions, peppers and carrots, some oil, salt and pepper. The pot is covered with a domed metal lid – sač, and buried in hot ashes or live coal. There, it is slowly cooked in its own juices for several hours, until the meat is soft and tender. It is served hot, straight from the dish.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
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