Honey brandy (medena rakija/medovača)

Product Description

Honey brandy is produced in the village of Lubnice, on the slopes of Bjelasica mountain, near Berane. It is a perfect place for producing honey, and since Montenegrins love strong alcohols, this is their way of making more of it.

This brandy is made by mixing 1kg of honey and 7g of propolis with 4liters of rakija (brandy). The ingredients are mixed and left to form a uniform colour and density.

Brandy has a golden-yellow color with a slight scent and aftertaste of honey.

Medovača/Honey brandy is traditional natural beverage. It falls into the category of liquor and has a healing effect. It is considered good for circulation, as a remedy against bacteria and viruses, for improving appetite and digestion. It is recommended to be consumed chilled.

Product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, for diabetics in moderation and is gluten-free

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
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some atribute