Central Region


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In this region, there is a combination of climatic types, but it is mainly a mixture of Mediterranean and continental. Summers can be really hot, while winters are milder than in the Northern region, especially around Podgorica. The typical landscape consists of limestone mountains covered with oaks and hornbeam forests, bushes of wild pomegranates and similar Mediterranean plants. As such, this landscape is not very suitable for food production
This region also includes the largest plains in Montenegro – Bjelopavlici and Zeta. where most of agricultural activities take place. People grow vegetables and fruits, while animal breeding is less represented than in the North. This is also a region with most vineyards, while Skadar Lake, which is the largest freshwater basin in the Balkans, is the largest fishery source in Montenegro.
Municipalities of this region include the largest cities of Podgorica and Niksic, then Danilovgrad, as well as Cetinje, the old Montenegrin capital and its cultural centre.