The XV International festival of KotorArt, organized by an association responsible for the organization of the majority of the summer festivals that take place in Kotor, continuously and consistently heritage the idea that Kotor is a city that belongs to the world cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO, an ideal place for getting pummeled every street and square with art. Today, most complex festival of arts in Montenegro, KotorArt carries the sign event of national importance, enjoys an international reputation, bringing together the great world artists, and their quality and diversity attracts the widest range of audience. The basic values of this complex, multiartistic events are the artistic quality, diversification of programs and audiences, spending more than 80% of budgetary resources to the programs, expanding activities of the festival in time, and so how in other areas (education, tourism, environmental activities, publishing, etc.), a strong connection with the local community and strengthening the spirit of belonging, and a desire to contribute to the creation of the festival of the city, instead of the mere use of it.

The XV edition of the festival will mark two significant anniversaries: 10 years after the death of a prominent humanist, intellectual and cultural activists don Branka Sbutege, which was the first honorary president of the KotorArt; and a decade of renewal of Montenegro’s independence. From the 1. July to 17. August festival in Kotor will gather around a thousand artists from all over the world, and at over three dozen ambient locations over one hundred programs will take place.