One of the most prestigious art festivals in the country and the region, which is held during the summer months July and August in Budva, under the auspices of the municipality of Budva. Since its inception, 1987. year, this festival updates the Mediterranean spirit of the old town. Squares and squares of the old town, but also parts of the city outside the old town core, turns into a scene outdoors at which and visitors and a random passerby, become participants of the artistic act. The Festival is an indispensable part of the tourist offer of the town and every year it visited by several thousands of people. Designed as a cross section of contemporary achievements first of all in theatre, and subsequently, artistic, musical and literary creativity, “the City Theatre” quality program certifies its renown not only as host of numerous troops and creators, but also by the quality of their productions. The most famous shows derived from the production of the workshop “the City Theatre” (57 to date), have changed the life of the theatre of the region: “Kanjoš Macedonović”, “fake car Šćepan Mali”, “waiting for Godot”,  “Caroline Nojber”, “Banovic Strahinja”, “Dream of summer night”, “Jegorov path”, “Konte Zanović”, “Montenegrins”, “the Storm”, “Hamlet”, “Caligula”, “Skočiđevojka”, “Don Krsto”, “Discussion”, “Othello,” “the Cherry Orchard”, “Zorba,” “Divine comedy”, “the Fisherman’s quarrels”, “Lullaby for Vuka Ničijeg” etc.