UnderhillFest is dedicated to presenting feature documentary films made by small cinematographies and independent productions. Films are chosen based on their innovation, idea and the power of their story. The aim of the Festival is primarily education of the public about a special place that this media enjoys in the world of cinema, as well as about the power that documentaries have in representing and resolving those burning, and those seemingly irrelevant, social problems in the world. This festival is in every sense a human and socially engaged project: isolated from any instittion framework, opened, slightly alternative and rebellious, only intended for free, curious and creative guests who love the film art and who recognize the seriousness of the problems which the documentaries deal with. This festival has managed to find his way to an authentic audience, than regular fans of documentary film, through students who want information on this type of film, and to the professional public, that contributes to the collective film education.