In addition to indispensable and promising good atmosphere for people who eagerly await this event, Šlaufijada is also a prime example of good organization. Each fun and sport activity has its start time and duration. The event starts from the early morning hours. Competition begins at 8 p.m. at the lake Buče. The organizers have prepared a surprise, an alarm clock for those who that morning didn’t wake up on time. The contest in cooking fish soup begins in 10 o’clock and 30 minutes, and Šlaufijada opening is in 11 o’clock. For all the lovers of rock sound, participants and guests with the smell of fish soups have the opportunity to listen to panels that are typically released by Dear Vujacic, presenter and author of show Rock Caravan. In 12 o’clock the participants will go to the place where the event begins to prepare, at 1 p.m. begins the race for the pioneers (single-seat), at 13 o’clock and 15 minutes starts the race for veterans (single-seat), and start of the main races (2-seater) begins in 13 o’clock and 30 minutes. Course race is transferred to the main beach in front of the bridge, while the judges will control the regularity of the race, and there will be organized and a team that cares about the security of all participants in the race. In 14 o’clock begins competition in jumps (fracture, swallow and free style), and at 3 p.m. contest in precision. Šlaufijada’s program ends by proclaiming a winner in all disciplines, while for discipline leaps, diving and racing with float (2-seater) are secured money rewards. Socializing goes up to DJ Party on the beach under the bridge up to 18 hours, while the central event starts at 9 pm at the airport where will play artists of a big-name electronic music scene. Precisely because of this kind of program and organization, do not miss the opportunity to experience the Šlaufijada, and join the numerous attendees!