Podgorica’s international book and education fair is positioned as an important and influential regional fair that, year after year, represents developments and innovation in publishing, primarily in the region, but also in Europe and the world. Sponsored by the Ministry of education of Montenegro, the fair brings together Montenegrin universities, middle and primary schools, but also many other educational institutions.

There is a rich exhibiiton and an interesting support programme, including encounters with literary figures, panels, children’s programs and interactive workshops. The fair has hosted numerous famous authors from the country and the world, including Tariq Ali, Cazimiro De Brito, Stefano Benni, Alexander Potter, Federico Powerful, Rade Serbedzija, Svetislav Basara, Alexander Gatalica, and many others. Podgorica’s international book and education fair gives awards each year including for the best publisher, publishing venture, best Edition, improvement of children’s publishing, best equipped arts edition, best equipped edition, best equipped with books and best equipped booth.