Jazz Appreciation Month in Montenegro (also known as ‘JAM’) is a project that was initiated by Maja Popovic, editor of the music program at the KIC. Since 2010, the Association of Jazz Art coordinates the event in collaboration with numerous partners, cultural centres, embassies and other related institutions. This month-long event is the greatest celebration of jazz in the country.

The largest number of appearances are naturally in Podgorica and KIC, which was the host and organizer of this project in the pilot version of the 2007 and 2008 year when this event was exclusively in Podgorica. Based on the basic idea of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, the project is adapted to the needs of the environment. In April jazz is celebrated in all its forms — through educational, concert, film, visual arts and other programs; it communicates with the young and old, students and teachers, amateurs and professionals. All programs, including educational seminars and workshops are free to the public, aimed at young people, but also the wider audience, to meet and get to know, engage in the study and creation of jazz. Also, in this way the audience connects with top presenters, performers and programming such as the cycle of films, exhibitions, promotion, poetic and other performances and productions. Jazz Appreciation Month wraps up on 30 of April, which commemorates the UNESCO International Day of jazz.