This festival you love and never forget. There are events which include talking, singing and dancing. You can also have fun with the Ambassadors – honorary guests from various forms of art that represent the faces of the festival and the ones who carry the festival in their hearts. The criteria for selection of an Ambassador is the size and diversity of space that occupies a festival in their hearts. In the heart of the festival is Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš — Honorary Ambassador of the festival. International puppetry festival was founded by Davor Dragojević and Ljiljana Burzan Nikolic, in the NGO children’s Art Centre, and supported by governmental and non-governmental institutions, municipal authorities and economic entities, foundations, and numerous individuals. The basis of the festival makes the competition program, which includes at least four theatre productions from around the world (at least one from Montenegro), where a three-member international jury decides who is elected from the ranks of the world’s established theatre artists and theatrologists (one of which is from Montenegro). In addition to the competition, if the conditions are in place, the event can have and supporting programs in the form of presenting children’s acting groups, dance groups, music playlist, etc. The basic criterion for the selection of the play is their artistic quality. The quality of performance that apply for official selection chooses selector of the festival.