The event ”Days of Mrkojevici” is held every year, the last week in July. Through the previous events the manifestation has gained the reputation of one of the richest program and most visited happenings in Montenegro. A primary goal of the event is that through various forms of activities bring public closer to culture, tradition and modern resources of this area. The event is collage type and covers cultural, leisure and sports facilities. What is the significance of the event, enough says the information that in its preparation is involved over a hundred volunteers, in the sports and entertainment program the number of participants is greater than 500, while the number of visitors is measured in thousands. During three days of event report are made by nearly all Montenegrin media, allowing it in the best possible way to promote this region. The date of the event has become a reference date by which our expatriates around the world are planning their vacations and arrival in the country. That’s why every year a part of a program is dedicated to the diaspora, and encounters of expatriates have become already a tradition. A significant number of visitors are tourists who make up this way directly acquainted with the cultural, tradition and hospitality sites in which they reside.