North East part of Montenegro, especially the region of Prokletije Mountains, boasts the world’s largest cover of naturally growing wild blueberries. This wild fruit is collected by the local population for their own consumption or for sale, so it is important both culturally and economically. So people organise is a big festival to honour this gift of nature.

Days of blueberries is a festival organized every year at the end of July, and it lasts for 10 days. In the recent years, it is initiated by the parade of local youth wearing traditional costumes from the cities of the former Yugoslavia (like Sarajevo, Dubrovnik…). Festival program is very diverse – there are cultural events (poet evenings, literary colonies and competitions, visual art exhibitions, music performances), sports competitions, displays and exhibitions of local crafts, competitions in blueberry picking and making delicacies from this fruit.

The entrance to festival events is free, and it gathers thousands of people from the region and abroad.