International cycling race ”On the roads of King Nikola” is a big sports event that represents the successful combination of traditional and modern. The first race started in 1995, at the time of complete blockade of Yugoslavia and since then resides in the calendar of major cycling events in the world. In the past six years she gained high renown confirming the participation of teams from 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. This success has earned thanks to a quality organization, but also because of its characteristics for which it was proclaimed in 2000 as the big sporting event of peace. The event is unique in the world, because it is organized by two states (Montenegro and Italy) which are split by the sea, but binded by history and traditional friendship. It is the first and so far the only one that gathered in one place athletes, sports journalists and sport deputies from all the republics. Very famous by the tour through great number of Montenegrin and from time to time Italian towns, this race is one of those which is in the program of the international cycling organization and which is traditionally ridden every year. This is an exquisite event of regional character because it is considered to be one of the heaviest races on the Balkans, and therefore all Balkan bicycle riders visit it. It is being driven on the North of Montenegro equally as on the Adriatic shore, and in one moment the contestants move to Italy where in the region of Puglia they continue the competition.