Barski ljetopis (Bar chronicles) is a multimedia festival, one of the most famous cultural events in Montenegro. It has a very diverse program consisting of the following elements:

– Music – the focus is on classical music, so throughout the festival, there are concerts of chamber music, orchestras and individual performers

– Art – this part of the festival gathers painters and photographers from all over the region, and encompasses various exhibitions

– Film – this segment of the festival gathers are rather selective audience, but has been growing in popularity in recent years.

– Literary – gathers some of the famous writers and authors from the region and wider

– Theatre – troupes from all over the region have performances in classical and modern theatre, making this one of the most attended segments of the Festival

One of the attractions of this festival is that its activities take place at diverse locations such as the Palace of King Nikola, galleries, old town Bar, old olive tree…